Motivational Moment: How about those Pats? You can come back too!

Ok I admit it.  I thought the Patriots were down and out after three quarters in the Super Bowl!  Shame on me!  But they were following a similar game performance as when they lost to the NY Giants in two Super Bowls.   It just goes to show what motivation and inspiration can do to turn around a game!  Tom Brady is inspired by his mother who has been quite ill.  He wanted this game for her.  The rest of the team followed!

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Nutri-Know: It’s what’s IN the calories a well as the number of calories

Nutritional Knowledge You Can Use

Are you trying to change your body composition (read that: lose weight)? The number of calories in vs calories out is very important, but you also must look at the ingredients of some of the processed foods that you consume.  I’m not talking about the Nutrition Facts – rather, the INGREDIENTS.

The ingredients that make up the calories have possibly been a cause of health and weight problems for many years (i.e. too much sugar, artificial flavors or sweeteners, trans fats, etc).

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