Fitness Fun & Facts: Setting up workout space at home

Fitness options at home

Are you looking to make some habit changes such as increasing physical activity? Too busy to go to the gym? Exercising at home is a safe, viable option. If you do have a gym set up in your garage, basement or other room – great! However you don’t need a lot of space or equipment to get your body moving to reach your health and fitness goals.

Setting it up

To create your own minimal workout space, all you need is:

  • about an 8′ x 4′ open space free of objects that might get tipped or knocked over by you or a bouncy floor,
  • non-slip carpet if the area is carpeted,
  • inexpensive foam floor tiles if you plan to workout on a hard surface such as hardwood or cement,
  • an exercise mat for floor work and to protect the carpet,
  • music to help motivate you,
  • your bodyweight.

Now, if you want to challenge yourself even more, there are many equipment options that can be easily stowed in a closet.

Basic home exercise equipmentFor our some of our pre-packaged workouts, you will need the required equipment below.  Click the links in bold for suggested products. If the suggestion does not meet your needs, you can search in the Exercise and Fitness Equipment page.  Using these links is most appreciated!

Required equipment

Here are some additional recommendations for even more variety in your workouts.

Using your bodyweight or any equipment available to you at home or in the gym, a workout plan can be created and delivered to you using my online training app, Skype/video call, or in your home that helps you get fitter, stronger, and healthier!

If you need guidance to set up your home workout space, please contact me.  There is no pressure, I simply want to help set you up for success!