Motivational Moment: Kaizen – Small Steps Toward Big Change

I was thinking about change one day and how challenging making a change in just about anything can be.  But, my focus here is on changes that you might be considering relative to your health and fitness, nutritional and lifestyle habits.   Changes that you are ready to make and want to make.  

For some, changing habits is hard.  Really hard.  Most of us start to make a change and then give up.  Think New Years Resolutions.  

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Nutri-Know: Delicious Protein Shake Recipe

Nutritional Knowledge You Can Use

A healthy balanced diet strengthens and supports your immune system, nourishes your body and mind, and can help you recover from workouts and continue to lead an active lifestyle. 

Nowadays, quickly and easily preparing a healthy snack drink can be a challenge.

I have been using a protein shake recipe for several years to help boost my post-workout recovery.  This has worked great for me and it can be a quick snack or an occasional meal replacement. 

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