Exercise Spotlight: Wrist discomfort during pushups and pushup hold

Try this if you normally do pushups on your knuckles

The pushup (and pushup hold) is an excellent overall exercise for chest, shoulders, upper back, and core strength. For some folks, it’s not uncommon to experience discomfort in the wrists when attempting pushups with proper hand position. This is often due to stiffness in the wrists and fingers and causes exercisers to do pushups on their knuckles in order to keep wrists neutral.   If you do have a wrist injury, arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, etc, be careful with how much weight (if any!) that you put on your wrists when doing pushups. 

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Fitness Fun & Facts: Why am I so sore and tired?

Female & male chemistry can have an effect on how you are feeling after a workout!

According to common sense and science, physical activity is good for you.  With so many studies and opinions about the best type of exercise, it can be confusing.  The bottom line is you have to pick what works for you. 

It is a common fallacy that soreness after a workout means that you have had a good workout. Some soreness is expected, especially if you haven’t used muscles in a while. But, if you are overly sore and tired after working out, you might need to take it down a notch or even choose a different mode of exercise.

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