Corporate Wellness & Exercise Classes

Help Your Associates Help YOU!

People who exercise and eat right feel better, healthier, and stronger are more productive and happier.Corporate exercise classes for Total Human Performance

30 minutes of exercise during the day improves health over time and has hormonal effects that simply make people feel good and ready to go.

Total Human Performance encourages a balanced program of wellness that follows the Five Aspects of Whole Health as defined by the National Institute of Whole Health.

We bring corporate wellness to your company with:

  • Online Coaching & Fitness Training – With more of your associates working remotely, our online coaching program Get Fit and Strong! brings personal training and health coaching to where ever they may be
  • Group Exercise classes – Classes are indoors or outdoors – ALL FITNESS LEVELS
  • Semi-Private (<=3 clients) coaching– Small group individualized training in your fitness center
  • Informational Presentations – Topics include lifestyle changes to improve health, nutritional topics, health & fitness Q & A, health and fitness topics of your choice
  • Corporate Fitness Challenges – Join an 8 or 12 week fitness challenge with co-workers under the guidance of a coach – includes group exercise classes and nutritional guidance
  • Fitness Room Orientations – Exercise machines and equipment can be intimidating. An orientation on the use of such equipment encourages your staff to use the facility.

Contact me to set up a discussion on how I can help you improve the health and well-being of your company’s employees – at the office, home, or on the road!