Exercise Spotlight: Kettlebell offset load suitcase and rack lunge walks

My typical trip from the car to the front door:  My backpack is slung over my right shoulder, gym bag on the same side, door key in right hand, holding my computer bag, lunch bag, and water bottle in left hand.  Stepping on front step, I reach the front door to put the key in, reach for the handle and the backpack slides off my shoulder.  The door flies open as I stumble in and drop the gym bag on the dog.  Anyone else try this?

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Fitness Fun & Facts: Working out with a partner

I’ve mentioned before that overall health involves not only physical exercise and nutritional health, but emotional, spiritual, and environmental health.  Exercising with a partner or group of people adds to the workout experience by impacting all of these aspects.

Working out with a friend, significant other, or small group of friends creates an atmosphere that is different than exercising alone. 

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