Fitness Fun & Facts: It’s not the miles, it’s the maintenance!

Have you ever wondered how old the aircraft in which you are flying is?  Or how about how many miles are on that antique car that just passed you.

The average age of commercial jet aircraft is 11 years however according to there are numerous aircraft that have been flying for 20, 25, or 30+ years.  Ever wonder now many air miles they have flown?

Maintenance is key to safe automobile and air travel.  Caring for an automobile involves:

  • Changing the oil
  • Periodic checkup and tune up to be sure the mechanical and electronic parts are in good working order
  • Tires that are safe and performing efficiently
  • Feeding it good quality fuel
  • Making sure the joints are lubricated
  • Drive the vehicle!

If the car is left to sit parked for long periods of time, the fluids break down, the joints stiffen, the battery dies, it’s hard to get it started if it even starts.  Fueling the vehicle with decent fuel is important.  Bad gasoline gums up the engine and makes the car run rough.  The good news is that with time and money, a vehicle can get started again. If the maintenance is kept up there is a better chance that the vehicle will run smooth and you will get a quality driving experience out of it.

The human body is similar in that when it is well-maintained there is a better chance that the quality of life will be better.  Caring for your body includes:

  • fueling your body with quality food – not just the number of calories but the density of the nutrients and what is in those calories
  • checking in with yourself emotionally and spiritually – make time for yourself – I mean MAKE time for yourself
  • making sure that your living and working environment are healthy – do what YOU can and control what YOU can control to make it a healthy environment
  • get periodic checkups to make sure everything is in working order – listen to your instinct and seek information on what works for you and your health
  • MOVE – exercise regularly, most days of the week, take an exercise class, walk, do yard work, turn housekeeping into a workout – but keep your body moving.

If we sit too long or remain inactive too long, our quality of life will degrade.  If you have not lead the most active lifestyle, it’s rarely too late to get moving!  Start slow, working with an exercise coach, but just get up and get going.  Physical activity has numerous physical and emotional benefits.  It takes time so be patient. 

If you are retired or close to retirement, it is even more important to do something!  Dr. Charles Eugster of Switzerland (who passed away in 2018 at the age of 98 after this blog was originally written) was a testament to that!  He started bodybuilding at 83 and sprinting at 95.  You don’t have to be a bodybuilder or sprinter, but just get moving and enjoy life!