Fitness Fun & Facts: Contemplate this

I am often asked about various fitness related topics. The industry, like most, often changes as do recommendations.  Scientists learn new ways of doing studies or gather new data and change their minds.  They also try to apply their results to everyone. In some scientific topics, I would agree (like the reason planes fly).  But when it comes to health topics, everyone is similar but different.  Some things can be generalized but others not.

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Nutri-Know: It’s what’s IN the calories a well as the number of calories

Nutritional Knowledge You Can Use

Are you trying to change your body composition (read that: lose weight)? The number of calories in vs calories out is very important, but you also must look at the ingredients of some of the processed foods that you consume.  I’m not talking about the Nutrition Facts – rather, the INGREDIENTS.

The ingredients that make up the calories have possibly been a cause of health and weight problems for many years (i.e. too much sugar, artificial flavors or sweeteners, trans fats, etc).

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