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Small Group Exercise Class

Coming soon!  Functional fitness classes to fit YOUR needs!

Don’t liGroupExercise55Plus-2ke big classes or just getting started exercising?

Small group exercise classes have no more than 10 participants to allow for more focused coaching attention. 

Exercising most days of the week improves health over time and has many benefits!

Class Times/ Pricing
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  • More energy to be active, play with your kids and grandkids, and do yard work!
  • Reduced risk of some chronic diseases (heart disease, diabetes, etc)!
  • More confidence and better self-esteem!
  • Preparing for your favorite recreational activity such as golf, softball, baseball, ice hockey, skiing, running, and more!)
  • minimize chance of injury!
  • Moving and feeling better!

Our 55+ small group classes are designed to meet your exercise needs!

Class members experience:

  • a non-intimidating class environment
  • smaller class size (typically 10 participants max)
  • supportive, professional coaching
  • fun and variety
  • Program tailored to needs of class

Class times and pricing vary and registration is limited!

Small group classes have a special emphasis on:

  • Core stability and mobility training
  • Strength training
  • Total body workout

Contact me for class availability and to register for a class!