functional eXercise Training Class ( f(XTC) )

There are several variables involved in total human performance.  Two of those factors are a healthy diet consisting of real food  and an abundance of physical activity.   At Total Human Performance LLC, we were computer geeks in a previous life so we have created a program and turned it into an equation Functional Exercise Training Class (f(XTC))that helps you achieve the health and fitness results that you desire.  It is called functional eXercise Training Class or f(XTC).

What is functional eXercise Training Class f(XTC)?

f(XTC) is the formula to help you achieve total human performance!   f(XTC) is a “bootcamp-like” class that consists of exercises considering the activities of the participants. These activities include day-to-day activities such as yard work, physical labor, carrying groceries and playing with children. It also includes, recreational sports such as soccer, softball, golf, and hockey, outdoor activities, such as hiking, mountain climbing and skiing, as well as more serious athletics such as college and high school sports.

f(XTC) classes provide:

  • Personalized professional coaching – it’s a group class with personal attention to ensure proper exercise form and effort
  • Variety – different exercises, workouts and class themes keep it interesting!
  • Fun – it’s hard work, but it’s fun!
  • Hard work – “…we do this and the other things not because they are easy but because they are hard…” to get stronger and healthier!
  • Camaraderie – working in a group with good people towards similar goals leads to success!
  • Education – learn about exercise and nutrition and how it all works together for Total Human Performance!

Who can participate in f(XTC) and can I do it?

Participants include adults of all abilities and ages, including mature adults, adult recreational athletes, people cleared after rehab from surgery, and we’ve even had some college athletes.

You CAN do it. The coach motivates you in a respectful way and all participants are encouraged to work at their pace while pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone.

What is a typical class like?

Class begins with a dynamic warm up designed to get your body warm and awake. This can include some light jogging, body weight exercises, or maybe some medicine ball work.

Next we work on core strength and joint mobility. We listen to our participants and work the areas that need work. We also believe that joint stability and mobility needs to be addressed before adding strenuous Some of the exercise equipment used by Total Human Performance for functional exercise training ampsresistance to the joints.

Next we do the general workout which consists of a variety of exercises and intensities. Otherwise known as The Festivities.  It is FUN!

We end the workout with the 4 Minute Finisher designed to help you remember how much you love exercise!

Everyone is also encouraged to try the optional Fearless Fitness Challenge of the Day which allows you to test your internal motivation.