Client Newsletter:Get Fit and Strong!
September 2022

Welcome to the September 2022 Get Fit and Strong! newsletter! Here we publish news that you can use to improve your health and fitness!

News: HIIT Benefits Health

Active interval workouts that take less than 15 minutes can offer significant health benefits related to blood sugar control and metabolic and heart health.

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Nutrition: Takeout Food and Life Span

It can feel like a treat to step away from the stove and order takeout food. Scientists, however, have a new warning about getting too comfy with the convenience.

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Mind-Body: Exercise and Mental Health

A survey of 1,669 subjects in Canada during the pandemic shows a relationship between declines in physical activity and mental health outcomes.

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Recipe: Poached Chicken With Apple Chutney

The dynamic duo of polyphenol antioxidants and soluble fiber pectin in apples makes this sweet and savory dish a dinner meal your heart will love.

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Video: Lateral Shoulder Raise

This move works your shoulders and triceps. Hold dumbbells at your sides, elbows bent, palms facing down. Lift weights along an arc to shoulder height and lower.

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