Client Newsletter:Get Fit and Strong!
December 2022

Welcome to the December 2022 Get Fit and Strong! newsletter! Here we publish news that you can use to improve your health and fitness!

News: Exercise Therapy and Chronic Conditions

Exercise is often recommended for people with a single chronic health condition. But what about using “exercise therapy” for those with multiple health challenges?

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Nutrition: Eating Breakfast and Why It Matters

A study of 5,761 people published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine may leave you questioning the virtues of skipping the morning meal.

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Mind-Body: Mental Imagery and Running

A new mental imagery technique, “functional imagery training,” is showing promise in helping self-described “nonrunners” complete their first ultra-marathon.

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Recipe for Health: Cream of Chard Soup

The vitamin K you get from spooning up this comforting cream of chard soup may help prevent the buildup of calcium plaques in your arteries.

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Video: Curl to Overhead Press

Hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides. Curl the weights up, rotating your palms to face your shoulders, then press the weights overhead.

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