Client Newsletter:Get Fit and Strong!
August 2022

Welcome to the August 2022 Get Fit and Strong! newsletter! Here we publish news that you can use to improve your health and fitness!

News: Brain Fitness and Cardio Training

Research identifies brain dopaminergic function as the probable means by which aerobic activity stimulates growth factors in the brain.

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Nutrition: Exercise and Appetite

A recent report in Nutrients examined the connection between physical activity and its impact on both how and what we eat.

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Mind-Body: Diet and Productivity

Is there a link between diet and productivity? Unhealthy late-night snacking may make people less productive at work the next day, according to a study.

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Recipe: Sardine Sandwich With Walnut Sauce

The nutritional stew in these inexpensive small swimmers includes omega-3 fats, vitamin D and calcium, making this sandwich a power meal to grab hold of.

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Video: Curtsy Lunge

This effective exercise progression uses a weighted bar or dowel and focuses on the entire lower body, particularly the inner and outer thighs.

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