Client Newsletter:Get Fit and Strong!
April 2023

Welcome to the April 2023 Get Fit and Strong! newsletter! Here we publish news that you can use to improve your health and fitness!

News: The Gut Microbiome and Indoor Cycling

Can a good hill climb result in healthier digestion? Maybe! Research shows a relationship between the gut microbiome, metabolism and the immune system.

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Nutrition: Meat Alternatives Benefit Gut Microbiota

A British study suggests less meat and more vegan meat impersonators might be good for the gut microbiota.

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Mind-Body: Resilience From Exercise Competency

Research shows that feelings of competence may facilitate an individual’s ability to optimize the resilience gained from physical activity.

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Recipe: Strawberry Basil Vinaigrette

The monounsaturated fat and polyphenols in olive oil might be why it has a health advantage over other fats. That makes this fruity dressing a top gun for any salad.

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Video: Sidelying Straight Leg Hip Adduction

Lie on your side, bottom leg straight, top leg bent, foot flat on ground in front. Lift and lower bottom leg, working the inner thigh and hip area.

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