Client Newsletter:Get Fit and Strong!
Apr. 2022

Welcome to the April 2022 Get Fit and Strong! newsletter! Here we publish news that you can use to improve your health and fitness!

News: Does Time of Day Affect Training?

Yes, research finds, and you can strategize to minimize the effects of circadian rhythms on performance.

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Nutrition: Carbs and Protein for Exercise Recovery

Evidence suggests that co-ingesting carbohydrates and protein after exercise may stimulate greater glycogen synthesis during recovery than carbs alone.

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Mind-Body: Poor Fitness Linked to Depression

People with low levels of aerobic and muscular fitness have a greater risk of depression and anxiety than those with high levels of overall fitness, according to a study.

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Recipe: Cajun Beef Mushroom Tacos

Mushrooms exposed to ultraviolet light can provide a daily hit of much-needed vitamin D, so time to welcome fungi into taco night with these Cajun beef mushroom tacos!

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Video: Hang Snatch to Split w/ 1-Arm Dumbbell

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a dumbbell in one hand. Extend hips as quickly as possible while snatching weight overhead with control and lunging.

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