Personal Training
Semi-Private Personal Training

What are your health and fitness goals?

Do you want to:

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  • be stronger and feel better at any age?
  • lose a few pounds or change your body composition?
  • play with your kids and grandkids?
  • transition from physical therapy rehab or surgery?
  • prepare for a sport competition or other activity?
  • Or do you simply want to live a fuller, more active life?

 Why personal training from Total Human Performance?

You receive Professional Coaching where you are coached and taught by a caring coach about proper exercise form, exercise modification when necessary, and exercise progressions and how it fits into a total health program.Private and Semi-Private Training

I can help you develop an exercise program to meet your needs!

My mission is to help feel better with exercise and physical activity!

Services Offered

  • Personal Training – One-on-one training
  • Online Personal Training and Coaching – We offer online training and coaching using a convenient Web-based app!  Whether you simply need a workout to follow at your convenience or if you want to be held accountable for your workouts, online training may be right for you!
  • Semi-Private Personal Training – 3 or less clients training together – bring your friends or meet new people.  60 minute sessions are available. 
  • Nutrition counseling – Proper balance in your life is critical to any weight management program.  You can learn how to evaluate not only how many calories you put into your body but more importantly what is IN those calories.
  • Exercise Program Design – Exercise programs are designed for you to meet your goals. Whether you are training at home or at a gym, programs are designed to take advantage of the equipment available to you – including no equipment.
  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS) – Quality movement helps you move better in your every day life and your favorite physical activity.  FMS is a screening tool that we use to screen your movement and build corrective measures into your program.

I will develop your exercise program and

  • listen, understand, and respect you first and foremost.
  • be approachable and sensitive to your needs and concerns.
  • be knowledgeable about appropriate, safe exercise and nutrition.
  • be organized, professional, and reliable.

Train in Your Home

The advantages to training in your home include:

  • private environment.
  • you can use equipment that you have available and I can bring equipment to your home.
  • No need to join a gym.

We can work out a schedule and I will travel to your home. I will design an exercise routine that includes the equipment that you have available in your home and makes use of the space that you have available to you.

Want More Information?

Contact me using the contact form set up a complimentary no pressure consultation or by calling or text messaging me at 603-402-9196 to discuss your health and fitness needs!