Motivational Moment: Foundations for a Healthy Lifestyle

It is easy to be sedentary in today’s world.  There is a machine or service to do things physically and mentally for us and this is causing a large percentage of the population to skip healthy nutrition and to be inactive.  What’s worse is the population that thinks they are active and healthy but are not. 

There is hope however in that many people are discovering a need to change their lifestyle to improve their health and fitness. 

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Motivational Moment: Kaizen – Small Steps Toward Big Change

I was thinking about change one day and how challenging making a change in just about anything can be.  But, my focus here is on changes that you might be considering relative to your health and fitness, nutritional and lifestyle habits.   Changes that you are ready to make and want to make.  

For some, changing habits is hard.  Really hard.  Most of us start to make a change and then give up.  Think New Years Resolutions.  

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