Fitness Fun & Facts: Contemplate this

I am often asked about various fitness related topics. The industry, like most, often changes as do recommendations.  Scientists learn new ways of doing studies or gather new data and change their minds.  They also try to apply their results to everyone. In some scientific topics, I would agree (like the reason planes fly).  But when it comes to health topics, everyone is similar but different.  Some things can be generalized but others not.

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Motivational Moment: Do something fun outside this Spring!

Believe it or not, Spring is almost here and the weather here in New England fluctuates almost daily! In fact, as I write this, we are at the beginning of a blizzard! But, I digress.

If you have been hibernating all Winter, hang in there the warmer weather is coming.  Now is a good time to get physically ready for outdoor activity.

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Nutri-Know: Why it’s hard to lose weight?

I’m asked by friends, family, and clients why they cannot lose weight when it seems easy for others.  The bottom line is that everyone has different body chemistry and different things going on in their lives that affect their health and body composition. 

There are so many factors that can cause weight gain – and by weight gain I mean fat gain.   I’ve talked about “The 5 ASPECTS of Whole Health™” as described by the National Institute of Whole Health (NIWH).  In order to achieve Whole Health, each of these 5 aspects needs care. 

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